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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Royal Cars exhibition 360

Royal Cars exhibition 


It was my first days in Kuwait I was informed that there is a special exhibit going on in 360 mall namely Royal Vintage and classic cars exhibit. We planned for the weekend and went, When I entered I saw many cars on the exhibit used by some famous peoples .

We went and clicked a pictures posing in front of the cars.

Among the cars the ones really grabbed my attention was 

A pink Cadillac Fleetwood of 1958 used by Saudi princess Sarah 

A brown/maroon Rolls roes of 1939 used by Egypt king Farouk –I

And stunning Black Chrysler imperial crown of 1959 used by the then New Zealand president

 We saw for some time and we went on to take a round and some shopping in 360 especially from geant then it was time for us to go home. Unfortunately we had to go back home. This was a very unique and thrilling experience for me. Initially I thought it would be boring, I thought my friends are going that is why I joined. This outing in turn was a very exciting and memorable experience for me. I went on to tell all my friends also to visit that exhibit and to experience the royalty and uniqueness of the past.