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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A T. Rex Named Sue

The largest, most complete, best preserved T. rex

No dinosaur in the world compares to SUE—the largest, most complete, and best
preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered.

At 13m long and 3.66m height at hips, 67-million-year-old ,

as a dinosaur enthusiast and information gatherer and story teller of dinos i simply couldn't missed it as if destiny brought her from Chicago to Kuwait and me from Kerala to Kuwait to make my dream come true...... 

location: The scientific center Kuwait

 some info about SUE

My age:      67 million years—and rather well preserved for my age, wouldn’t you say?
I was discovered:     August 12, 1990, on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation near Faith, South Dakota, by fossil hunter Sue Hendrickson.
My length:     41 to 45 feet (12.5 to 13.7 meters)
My hip height:     13 feet (4.0 meters)
My estimated live weight:     7 tons (6.4 metric tons)
Weight of my skull,
as found:                          Nearly 1 ton
Length of my skull:     5.2 feet
Size of my brain cavity:     Just big enough to hold a quart of milk
Number of teeth:     60
Length of my teeth     7 1/2 to 12 inches
My sex:     Undetermined
  Price: Acquired by The Field Museum (with assistance from McDonald’s® Corporation and Walt Disney World Resort®) for $8.36 million. To scientists and dinosaur fans: Priceless


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