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Sunday, October 15, 2006

eureka ! i have found in the well a coin ! ( an old one rupee coin some one droped by chance in it)

any way i can now tell that iam an inventor or an discoveror !

hi sounding like a self praiser ! ok cut it out ! check out more photos of mine at the fort of tellichery or as we malayalees say thalassery ! my trip was a great one started by 9 o clock from kozhikode and reached first mahe by 10.30 spent some time in the kochu tresya church or known as st:tresia church in mahe . what a coincidence today is the perunal or feast at this church ( not the day i gave the visit). after church i visited the sea side garden in the mahe ( photo on the previous post) and then took a ride to tellichery to see the fort and the church besides it. the statue of mother mary iam standing in front of is in an natural rock formation the church dates long back to centturies and the school adjoining the church where my grand fater studied up to high school seems to have little changed. ( please note the fort in the background of my photo . taking photos inside is not permitted)

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