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Monday, October 23, 2006

Hai every body !

What a trip I had the expedition was beautiful ! except for some shower and thunder storm which occurred during the phase of the time ! my lap was completely out of order now I think the last time used it was when I e mailed some body on low battery ! bash ! I don’t want to talk about it ! the photos are on their way and will be on here shortly !

The first day at camp was a kind of ok ! got some deers and wild squireel to photograph !
And the second day was awful besides I got not a glimpse of any animal and worse the rain stated off heavily over noon and went on till late at night !

Third day was a kind of right ! my buddy was crying as if he has seen a ghost ! the thought of !

well at least i was not yelling ! try ed some shooting with gun ! but dont know if the animals are speedy of my aim was out of area all went in to the stars up above ! in other worsds __ got nothing !

any way over all it was a great experience !

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